Thursday, August 12, 2010

How to Get Rid of Double Chin with Diet

Photo: Suat Eman

For many people, early signs of a weight problem starts with the face and a double chin. You might also see some pudginess in the upper arms and middle section of the torso. Through proper diet, you can stop the excess weight from settling in. Here are some quick diet changes you can do right now.

1. Start getting familiar with calories and calorie counts. This will help you figure out which food to ease out and what to replace them with. For example, if you are a rice eater, shift from polished white rice to red or brown rice, white sugar for washed or brown sugar. You could start trying muscovado sugar or coconut sugar which carry a lot less calories.

2. Slow down on the meat, especially those with fats. Switch to skinless chicken and fish instead. You can still eat meat but try to choose lean cuts and not have it daily.

3. Eat more green salad and green leafy vegetables. You should also try lessening food that contain preservatives and additives. Cook your own meals an stop relying on TV dinners and fast food joints. You need to know what oil is best to use based on your medical conditions, if any. Usually olive oil is recommended, but not for frying since it does not burn well. If you need to fry anything, use canola or corn oil. Also, avoid using used oil over and over again.

4. Cut back on drinking all night long or even smoking. These are not good for your skin, hair and nails, not to mention your heart, lungs, and general health.

With these simple diet tips and a bit of daily facial exercises, you can get rid of double chins once and for all. Naturally, you need to keep up with the daily routine because double chins have a nasty habit of resurfacing once you let down your guard.

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