Thursday, August 12, 2010

Double Chin Exercises

Photo from Facial Exercises

Whether you enjoy exercising or not, you have to realize sooner or later that you cannot do without it. That is, if you want to live a long and fruitful life, exercise must undoubtedly be a significant part of your daily habits.

To help you get started, why not try these simple double chin exercises, and then slowly progress to other problem areas of your body.

1. Lift your head until your chin is tilted upward. Then, open and close your mouth in a chewing motion. Do this for 8 counts then relax. Repeat 3 or 4 times throughout the day. You know you are doing it right if you feel the skin beneath your chin tightening.

2. Stick out your lower jaw with your mouth wide open. Jerk it gently back and forth for several counts. Close your mouth. Then repeat 11 more times. Be careful not to jut your lower jaw too much because you could lock it. You should also try doing this 3 to 4 times during the day.

3. Using the back of your hand, start slapping beneath your chin repeatedly up to 8 counts. Be sure not to slap too hard because you really don’t want to hurt yourself. Your aim is to push the fatty skin upward firmly but gently.

4. With your mouth open, pull your lower lips over your lower teeth. Snap your jaw outwards several times as if chewing.

5. The easiest of all exercises which you could do practically anywhere would be to chew sugarless gum. You could even blow bubbles or gargle water.

The point in these exercises would be stretch, put some pressure on the muscles in your jaw line and chin. The more elastic they are, the easier it would be to resist fat build-up. If you eat properly at the same time, you will see visible results quicker.

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