Thursday, August 12, 2010

Get Rid of Double Chin Naturally

Your doctor will probably advise you to go on a diet. If you are overweight and bothered by a double chin issue, then you should follow the advise of your doctor. There are other ways you should also consider to help you with the double chin. These are natural, no chemical or drug induced procedure with ill effects on your body.

Are you retaining too much water in your body? You could stop taking food high in salt or sodium. You could also start drinking green vegetable shakes which will induce you to visit the toilet more often to relieve yourself. One very effective vegetable to try is the bitter melon.

Eat more fruits instead of baked goodies, and limit your carbohydrates especially if you do not exercise much.

You could also try shifting the angle of your head. It is possible that you tend to drop your chin, and this prevents the muscles in your chin, jaw and neck areas from having any kind of work-out. By stretching out your head at an upward angle, you could also be improving the elasticity of your muscles in the chin, neck, and jaw area.

One main reason for double chin is aging, and you could prepare for this eventuality by eating properly. You could also lessen meat and food high in carbohydrates, sugar, and starch. Try eating foods that are more easy to digest since aging slows down metabolism. You could also try taking natural supplements to enhance your diet and digestion. A good start would be taking Vitamin E.

One thing you will have to learn is that even if you manage to lose your double chin, there is a high probability that it will come back if you don’t make major changes in your diet and exercise habits. Also, it would be foolish to depend on surgery or cosmetic treatments like liposuction. This is because of the high risk in getting an infection, heart condition from the anesthesia, or blood clots.

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